Navigating Challenges with Tenacity: Examination of Early Childhood Teachers’ Perseverance for At-Risk Student Populations



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The purpose of this study was to explore the unique and lived experiences of early childhood educators, in the context of their perseverance and dedication to the teaching profession amidst diverse challenges. This study sought to delve deeply into the theme of tenacity, focusing on the motivating experiences and characteristics that drove these educators to persist and demonstrate commitment in their roles. This study includes a review of data collected from interviews of early childhood elementary teachers who teach at-risk student populations. A purposive sample of 10 early childhood teachers was interviewed. The interviews provided an in-depth understanding of the teachers’ lived experience in teaching and the motivators behind their resilience and persistence. The findings of this study are expected to contribute knowledge about experiences of early childhood educators, offering a deeper understanding of what drives and sustains educators in challenging teaching environments. The recommendations should serve as valuable contributions to the field of early childhood education, offering both academic and practical insights that can inform policy, practice, and future research.



Early Childhood Teachers, Perseverance, Resilience