The area that continues to be unaddressed in public-schools: Teacher bias in the EC-12 setting



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The purpose of this mixed methods study was to examine the relationship between a teacher’s level of implicit and explicit bias, as well as teacher perceptions of the role bias plays in the school setting. A purposeful sample of Black, Hispanic, and White public-school teachers in a large region of southeast Texas was solicited to complete the race Implicit Association Test (IAT) and the RIVEC Prejudice Scale. The survey data were analyzed using a correlation and analysis of variances while the qualitative data were analyzed using an inductive coding process. The quantitative findings indicated that the Hispanic and White participants have a higher implicit bias against Black people than the Black participants did against White people. In contrast, all three racial groups, on average, held the same level of explicit bias. A teacher’s years of experience had no effect on the level of bias a teacher possesses. The qualitative portion of this study identified the following themes related to bias and the role bias plays in the school setting: (a) implicit bias reactions, (b) explicit bias reactions, (c) lack of preparation and professional development, (d) bias in the academic setting, and (e) bias in discipline practices.



teacher, bias, implicit bias, explicit bias, bias and professional development, education, CRT and bias