A Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal System for Virtual, Clinical Positions at a Start-Up Mental Health Agency



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The purpose of this project was to do a job analysis and performance appraisal system for clinical positions in a start-up virtual mental health agency in Houston, Texas. Five subject matter experts were interviewed, and the information gathered was used to create tasks for virtual clinicians. These tasks were then turned into a Qualtrics survey that measured the criticality of each task. This Qualtrics survey was given to five different subject matter experts who gave scores ranging from most important to least important tasks. The resulting task scores were combined with O*net(i.e., onet.org) work information and the Association of Social Work Board's knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to create a job description, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes (KSAOs) for the clinical position, and a structured interview for the clinical position. The job analysis information was then used to create a developmental performance appraisal system to appraise the clinician's work in the agency.



Job Analyses, Performance Appraisal, Clinical Positions, Mental Health Positions,