The Effects of Floatation REST on Insomnia

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We spend roughly half our lives asleep. We understand that we cannot live without sleep. Sleep therapies come in differing forms and effects. Floatation therapy, also known as sensory deprivation or Floatation REST (restricted environmental stimulus therapy), has been shown to improve sleep quality. However, it is unclear if a single, first-time float session could also have beneficial effects. Improving sleep quality in insomniacs by means of floating for 60 minutes in 1200 pounds of Epsom saltwater solution in a soundless, light-free tank for the first time is of interest for this study. Eleven participants with insomnia were recruited from clients at a flotation center and through snowball referral recruitment. Insomnia was measured before the float session and two weeks after, and sleep quality was monitored using a sleep diary during the 2 weeks after the float session. Results indicate that the effects of one 60-minute float session significantly improved sleep quality in participants with insomnia. Mindfulness did not reveal a significant change two weeks after floating.

Insomnia, Floatation REST, Sensory Deprivation, Floatation Therapy, Sleep Quality