Teachers Perceptions and Beliefs of Discipline in K-8 Charter Schools in Post-Katrina New Orleans



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There has been a narrative that has circled the country that the charter school experiment of the entire New Orleans public school system has been a chided success. However, what has been glaringly absent has been the voices of the African American teachers who work or worked in this system post-Katrina in the lower levels of the school system. Though strong opinions and targeted initiatives have been pushed and implemented by the charter schools in New Orleans, one aspect that has been the source of dissension has been the discipline practices. The purpose of this qualitative research study is to explore the perceptions and beliefs of veteran African American teachers of discipline practices in post-Katrina K-8 charter schools. This study is one of the few endeavors to represent the viewpoints of the veteran African American teachers that worked in these charter schools in the first 10-12 years after the reopening of the schools post-Katrina. Data were collected from these veteran participants through semi-structured open-ended interviews. The study offers recommendations regarding professional development for teachers that are new to the city and diversity committees that include veteran African American teachers. Evaluation of the discipline practices that are used should be continuous and evaluated for improvements.



Discipline, teacher perceptions, charter schools, New Orleans