Carol Fairchild is the Co-Director of the Center for Robotics Software and an inaugural researcher in Baxter’s Lab at UHCL. Her research involves the use of Baxter for expanded applications and she has numerous projects with the mobile, limbed and aerial robots. She is also a member of the adjunct faculty, teaching a robotics elective and various computer engineering labs.

Ms. Fairchild is also owner and principal engineer of Fairchild Robotics, a robotics development and integration company. She has been involved in many aspects of robotics from her earliest days of building her first robot, a Heathkit Hero. She is an alumna of UHCL with an MS in computer engineering and a BS in engineering technology from Texas A&M.

She and Dr. Harman have co-written the book, ROS Robotics by Example 2nd edition; an updated edition which reflects the latest software version of ROS: Kinetic Kame.

Ms. Fairchild is also actively involved in implementing STEM curriculum and expanding a robotics program at a K-8 private school in southwest Houston. She has taught middle-school robotics, coached FIRST LEGO League, and volunteered for FIRST Robotics.

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