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    • On the Genus of Pancake Network 

      Bettayeb, Said (The International Journal of Information Technology, 2011)
      Both the pancake graph and star graph are Cayley graphs and are especially attractive for parallel processing. They both have sublogarithmic diameter, and are fairly sparse compared to hypercubes. In this paper, we focus ...
    • On the K-ary Hypercube 

      Bettyeb, Said (Theoretical Computer Science Journal, 1995)
      In this paper, we propose and analyze a new interconnection network, the k -ary hypercube. This new architecture captures the advantages of the mesh network and those of the binary hypercube. We show that the hamiltoniacity ...
    • On the Paradox of Pesticides 

      Yipeng, Yang (Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 2015)
      The paradox of pesticides was observed experimentally, which says that pesticides may dramatically increase the population of a pest when the pest has a natural predator. Here we use a mathematical model to study the ...
    • On the Vertex-Disjoint Paths on Cayley Color Graphs 

      Bettayeb, Said (Journal of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, 1997)
      In this paper, we study the strong connectivity of Cayley color graphs when a certain number of vertices are removed. We prove that there are 1/2D1/2 vertex-disjoint paths from every vertex to every other vertex in a Cayley ...
    • Ontology Based Semantic Siimilarity for Protein Interactions 

      Bettayeb, Said (International Conference on Bioinformation and Computational Biology, 2013)
      Ontology structure-based measures, like path length, have been used successfully for semantic similarity in various application domains. In bioinformatics, path length was used with the Gene Ontology (GO), using annotation ...
    • Open Courseware and Computer Science Education 

      Yue, Kwok-Bun (Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2004)
      Abstract Authors References Cited By Index Terms Publication Reviews Comments Table of Contents The recent enthusiastic reception of the MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) project has significantly improved the general ...
    • An Optimal Algorithm for Layered Wheel Floorplan Designs 

      Bettayeb, Said (Journal Networks, 1999)
      In this paper, we present an efficient algorithm to solve the orientation optimization problem for a layered wheel floorplan. The strategy used is to generate all the nonredundant implementations for the floorplan. The ...
    • An Optimal Algorithm For Reducing Edge-Solvable Mutual Exclusion Graphs 

      Yue, Kwok-Bun (The Computer Journal, 1994)
      A mutual exclusion graph can be used to model a graphical mutual exclusion problem where a concurrent process is represented by a vertex and a mutual exclusion constraint between two processes is represented by an edge ...
    • Optimal sample preservation and analysis of CR(VI) in drinking water smaplers by high resolution ion chromatography followed by post column ractioni and UV/Vis detection 

      Zhang, Carl (2012)
      A recent study by the Environmental Working Group reported the detection of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) in tap water at 31 out of 35 states investigated in the United States. Even though Cr(III) is an essential element ...
    • p53-Interacting Protein 53BP2 Inhibits Clonogenic Survival and Sensitizes Cells to Doxorubicin but not Paclitaxel-induced Apoptosis 

      Rohde, Larry (Oncogene, 2001)
      53BP2 was initially identified as a protein interacting with p53 in a yeast two-hybrid screen and subsequently shown to enhance p53 transcriptional transactivation and induce apoptosis when transiently overexpressed in ...
    • Partial Orders on C=D + Di and H=D +Di +Dj + Dk 

      Ma, Jingjing (International Journal of Advanced Mathematical Sciences, 2015)
      Let \(D\) be a totally ordered integral domain. We study partial orders on the rings \(C = D + Di\) and \(H = D + Di + Dj + Dk\), where \(i^{2} = j^{2} = k^{2} = -1\).
    • Passive Design Strategies to Minimize Building Energy Use in Hot and Humid Climates 

      Demirocak, Dervis Emre (2017-06-26)
      Abstract not available.
    • Performance Enhancement and Prediction Model of Concurrent Thread Execution in JVM 

      Hasan, Khondker (14th Int'l Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods, 2017-07)
      Performance of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is quantified in terms of the JVM’s relative CPU availability at executing concurrent Java threads. The total CPU loading of a JVM is defined by the sum of the CPU utilization ...
    • Performance of a Solar Thermal Adsorption Cooling System Based on Metal Organic Frameworks in Texas 

      Demirocak, Dervis Emre; Kabir, M. M. (2016-06-26)
      In this study, the performance of the basic adsorption cooling system based on a metal organic framework, HKUST-1, is investigated and compared with that of a zeolite based system. The optimal regeneration temperature to ...
    • Performance of Glass Woven Fabric Composites with Admicellar-Coated Thin Elastomeric Interphase 

      Hamidi, Youssef (Composites Interfaces, 2017)
      Adequate stress transfer between the inorganic reinforcement and surrounding polymeric matrix is essential for achieving enhanced structural integrity and extended lifetime performance of fiber-reinforced composites. The ...
    • Performance Prediction and Analysis of Compute-intensive Tasks on GPUs 

      Hasan, Khondker (The 11th IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing, 2014)
      Using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to solve general purpose problems has received significant attention both in academia and industry. Harnessing the power of these devices however requires knowledge of the underlying ...
    • Photoddegradation of Methyl tert-butyl Ether (MTBE) by UV/H202 and UV/TiO2 

      Zhang, Carl (Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2008)
      Two UV-based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), UV/H2O2 and UV/TiO2, were tested in batch reactor systems to evaluate the removal efficiencies and optimal conditions for the photodegradation of methyl tert-butyl ether ...
    • Photosynthetic formation of the aspartate family of amino acids in isolated chloroplasts 

      Mills, Ronald (Plant Physiology, 1980)
      The metabolism of 14C-labeled aspartic acid, diaminopimelic acid, malic acid and threonine by isolated pea (Pisum sativum L.) chloroplasts was examined. Light enhanced the incorporation of [14C] aspartic acid into soluble ...
    • Physico-chemical Processes 

      Zhang, Carl (Water Environment Research, 2004)
      Zhang et al. (2004a) explored the removal of two pesticides (atrazine and simazine) from different water matrices (distilled water, tap water and river water) by nanofiltration. The researchers found that rejection of ...
    • Physico-chemical Processes 

      Zhang, Carl (Water Environment Research, 2005)
      A batch complexation-ultrafiltration coupling process was studied at the laboratory level for pollutant removal and wastewater reuse from industrial wastewater containing lead (Pb^sup 2+^) ion (Zhang and Xu, 2003). Pb2+ ...