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      Cartesian product networks embedding interconnection networks star graph. [1]
      Cayley color graphs, vertex-disjoint [1]
      Cetrimonium Cetrimonium Compounds/chemistry Environmental Monitoring Kinetics Micelles Naphthalenes/chemistry Polysorbates/chemistry Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate/chemistry Solutions/chemistry Surface-Active Agents/chemistry Volatilization [1]
      Chemical kinetics. nicotinic, acetylcholine receptor, antiepileptic drugs, noncompetitive inhibition, patch clamp, molecular docking [1]
      Chemical mixtures, chemical protective clothing, degradation, dermal protection, gloves, personal protective equipment [1]
      chemical protective clothing, exam gloves, penetration, PPE, water-leak test [1]
      chemical protective clothing; dermal protection; exam gloves; personal protective equipment [1]
      chemical rearrangement, covalent bonds, open framework, dimensionality [1]
      chemical structure, Copper, Ligands, Crystal Structures, Layers [1]
      chemo-resistance, microRNA, ovarian cancer [1]
      China; Nighttime stable lights; Nitrogen oxides; Regression model; Remote sensing; Spatial analysis [1]
      Chloroplast, DNA replication, novobiocin, nalidixic acid, DNA gyrase [1]
      Chromium, Nodulation, Nitrogenase, Soybean [2]
      Ciphers , Engines , Encryption , Timing , Throughput , Protocols [1]
      Combining graphs, graph theory, gene ontology [1]
      Complex Numbers, Quaternions, Directed Partial Order [1]
      Composite prediction model, CPU availability, Execution Efficiency, Memory availability, Multi-core processors, Modeling and prediction [1]
      composite prediction model; CPU availability; concurrent threads; memory model; modelling; multi-core processing; performance evaluation; execution efficiency; process assignment; load balancing; scheduling; distributed systems; CPU usage; memory requirement. [1]
      Compute-Intense Kernels CUDA GPU Modeling and prediction [1]
      Computer Science [1]