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      Acute toxicity; Concentration addition; Independent action; Phthalate esters; Simple addition [1]
      Adsorption Diatoms Arsenic X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Thiols Isotherms Sorption Mass transfer [1]
      Adsorption Anions/chemistry Arsenic/chemistry Arsenic/toxicity Arsenites/chemistry Arsenites/toxicity Chlorophyll/metabolism Chlorophyll A Fresh Water/chemistry Hydrogen-Ion Concentration Scenedesmus/drug effects Scenedesmus/metabolism Scenedesmus/ultrastructure Spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared Water Pollutants, Chemical/chemistry Water Pollutants, Chemical/toxicity [1]
      Adsorption Arsenites/chemistry Arsenites/toxicity Chlorophyll/analogs & derivatives Chlorophyll A Diatoms/drug effects Diatoms/metabolism Humic Substances Water Pollutants, Chemical/chemistry Water Pollutants, Chemical/toxicity [1]
      Adsorption Water treatment Models Experiments Air pollution Acids Behavior Outdoor air quality Molecular weight Surface water Water treatment plants Atoms & subatomic particles Regression analysis [1]
      Adsorption, Copper Chemistry, Copper Metabolism, Chemical Models, Oxidation-reduction, Oxygen Chemistry, Oxygen Metabolism, Polymers Chemistry, Solvents, Water Chemistry [1]
      Adsorption; Water treatment; Models; Experiments; Air pollution; Acids; Behavior; Outdoor air quality; Molecular weight; Surface water; Water treatment plants; Atoms & subatomic particles; Regression analysis [1]
      Advanced encryption standard (AES), advanced exensible interface (AXI),bus protocol, filed-programmable gate array (FPGA), system-on-chips (SoC) [1]
      Aerobic training, Biofeedback digital system, Cardio equipment, Filed-Programming Gate Array (FPGA), Power consumption [1]
      Aerobic, Biodegradation, Kinectics, Anioninic, Nonionic, Sub-critical, Supra-critical, Micelle [1]
      Air concentration; DDT; Enantiomer signature; Geographic distribution; Tree bark [1]
      Algae, Nitrogen compounds, Hydroxylamino Intermediates [1]
      Algorithm Best, worst and average case Optimization problem Mathematical optimization Time complexity Analysis of algorithms Polynomial Computation John D. Wiley Very-large-scale integration Scroll wheel [1]
      Algorithms Interconnection network Hypercube Multiply-twisted hypercube [1]
      Amides / chemical synthesis Amides / chemistry Amides / pharmacology* Animals Anticonvulsants / chemical synthesis Anticonvulsants / chemistry Anticonvulsants / pharmacology* Crystallography, X-Ray Humans Models, Molecular Molecular Structure Receptors, Nicotinic / metabolism [1]
      Amides,Inhibitors,Inhibition,Screening assays,Receptors [1]
      Amino Acid Synthesis, Amino Acid Production, Intact Chloroplast, Developmental Variation, Aspartate Kinase [1]
      Anatomy Aromatic compounds Alkyls Metabolism Hydrolysis [1]
      Androgen receptor; Benzotriazole UV stabilizers; Mass spectrometry; Metabolism; Molecular modeling [1]
      angular measurement; displacement measurement; infrared detectors; lenses; pyroelectric detectors; sensor arrays; target tracking; video surveillance; wireless sensor networks; distributed multiple human tracking; binary pyroelectric infrared sensor; wireless sensor network; infrared video sensor; coded Fresnel lens array; angular displacement; thermal target; distributed multiple target tracking scheme; joint probabilistic association; consensus filtering; distributed sensor node; Target tracking; Joints; Humans; Probabilistic logic; Wireless communication; Wireless sensor networks; Joint probabilistic association; distributed consensus filter; binary pyroelectric sensor [1]