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      Mesh Networking, Bluetooth [1]
      MeSH terms Binding Sites Cell Line, Tumor Diphosphonates / chemical synthesis Diphosphonates / chemistry* Diphosphonates / pharmacology Enzyme Inhibitors / chemical synthesis* Enzyme Inhibitors / chemistry Enzyme Inhibitors / pharmacology Farnesyltranstransferase / antagonists & inhibitors Farnesyltranstransferase / metabolism Geranyltranstransferase / antagonists & inhibitors Geranyltranstransferase / metabolism Humans [1]
      Mitochondria, RNA interference, Aging, Caenorhabditis elegans, Gene expression, MAPK signaling cascades, Oxidation-reduction reactions, Oxidative stress [1]
      mitochondrial iron–sulfur protein, aging, Rip1. isp-1. complex III [1]
      Mixed Surfactant Naphthalene Synergetic Volatilization Static Water Mixed Surfactant Naphthalene Synergetic Volatilization Static Water Engineering Law [1]
      Mixed-valence copper, Coordination Polymer, Layered Compound, Graphite Property, Hydrothermal, Oxidation Reaction [1]
      Mobile Adhoc Networks, Multi-hopping, Grid system, A* search, Dijkstra’s Algorithm, Swarm intelligence, Path cost [1]
      Molecular pharmaceutical, drug chemistry [1]
      Molecule methyl tert-butyl ether MTBE Chemicals methyl tert-butyl ether [1]
      Monte Carlo method; mortgage-backed securities (MBS); coefficient of variation (CV); absolute convergence; relative convergence; option-adjusted spread (OAS); effective duration (DUR); effective convexity (CNVX); Greeks [1]
      Multitier architecture Web application ObjectStore Apache Tomcat Microsoft Access NetBeans IDE Microsoft SQL Server Integrated development environment JavaServer Pages ADO.NET Relational database JDBC Library (computing) Java servlet Application programming interface Java Platform, Enterprise Edition [1]
      Mutation, Cancer, MMR, Diploid strain, mutation burden [1]