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      Bacterial Energectics phosperous [1]
      Benzotriazole; Biosensor; Human serum albumin; Molecular modeling; Spectroscopy [1]
      Beverages/analysis, Bromates/analysis, Bromides/analysis, Calibration, Chromatography, Ion Exchange/methods, Linear Models, Water/chemistry, Water Pollutants, Chemical/analysis Water Supply/standards [1]
      bioaccumulation Search subject for bioaccumulation , bioavailability, correlation, desorption, environmental fate, fractionation, isotopes, octanol, organic soils, pollutants, polluted soils, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, remediation, risk, risk assessment, saponification, soil organic matter, soil properties [1]
      bioinformatics, DNA features extraction, protein features extractions [1]
      Biomarkers, Genetics, Proteins [1]
      biomedical equipment; biomedical optical imaging; feature extraction; gait analysis; infrared detectors; injuries; medical disorders; patient monitoring; patient rehabilitation; probability; pyroelectric detectors; wireless sensor networks; pace monitoring; gait monitoring; binary PIR sensors; rehabilitation treadmill; injured persons; stroke patients; injury athletes; physical therapy; inexpensive nonintrusive wireless binary sensor system; pace estimation; lower-extreme gait recognition; data throughput; energy efficiency; asymmetric periodic movement; autocorrelation function; temporal correlation features; marginal density features; intersection probability; spatial correlation features; binary data steam; walking; running; Sensor systems; Legged locomotion; Correlation; Estimation; Feature extraction; Thermal sensors; Gait; Humans; Monitoring, Ambulatory; Rehabilitation; Running; Walking [1]
      BioProject, Gene, Gene links, GEO DataSets, GEO Profiles, MedGen, PubMed, SRA Taxonomy [1]
      Bisphosphonate, Geranylgeranyl diphosphate, Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate, Geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase, Farnesyl diphosphate, Ras Rap1a, Prenylation, Geranylgeranylation, Prodrug, Pivaloyloxymethyl, POM [1]
      Bitcoin [1]
      Breast cancer; DDT exposure; Dietary intake; Health risk [1]
      BROMIDE content of drinking water MASS spectrometry SPECTRUM analysis OZONIZATION BROMIDES BROMATES [1]
      bus wrappers, field-programmable gate array (FPGA), IP integration, self-organization, System-onChips(SoC) [1]