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dc.contributor.advisorMasood, Samina
dc.creatorGemmill, Jordan Thayer 2021
dc.description.abstractGeometric Algebra is a unique variant of what is otherwise known as Clifford Algebra. In this work we show that the geometric algebra provides better tools to visualize physical problems, benefited by our natural geometric intuition. Geometric algebra provides a routine and systematic way to analyze physical systems. It is demonstrated that the calculations of magnetic moment with constant magnetic field and that of the oscillating magnetic field, can both be expressed in a single expression. Using the geometric algebra we reproduce the solutions of Schrodinger’s equation in quantum mechanics, and show that the spacetime algebra can express Dirac’s equation without the use of imaginary numbers or matrices.
dc.subjectGeometric Algebra
dc.titleGeometric Spinors
dc.typeThesis of Houston-Clear Lake of Science
dc.contributor.committeeMemberGarrison, David
dc.contributor.committeeMemberWithey, Paul

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