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    angular measurement; displacement measurement; infrared detectors; lenses; pyroelectric detectors; sensor arrays; target tracking; video surveillance; wireless sensor networks; distributed multiple human tracking; binary pyroelectric infrared sensor; wireless sensor network; infrared video sensor; coded Fresnel lens array; angular displacement; thermal target; distributed multiple target tracking scheme; joint probabilistic association; consensus filtering; distributed sensor node; Target tracking; Joints; Humans; Probabilistic logic; Wireless communication; Wireless sensor networks; Joint probabilistic association; distributed consensus filter; binary pyroelectric sensor (1)
    assisted living; emergency management; geriatrics; human-robot interaction; mobile computing; sensors; service robots; telerobotics; robot-assisted intelligent emergency system; individual elderly independent living; aging population; counter-emergency system; video communication; smart connected real-time voice communication; tele-controlled corobot system; counter-emergency solution; elder adults; personal emergency assistant tele-robotics guard system; pervasive emergency intelligence; robot awareness module; wearable emergency analysis module; remote control module; health condition; mobile devices; smart connected tele-robotics guard system; vocal help request; wearable sensors; emergency situations; conversation capability; senior home facility; Robots; Decision support systems; Component architectures; Conferences; Biomedical monitoring; Monitoring; Software (1)
    biomedical equipment; biomedical optical imaging; feature extraction; gait analysis; infrared detectors; injuries; medical disorders; patient monitoring; patient rehabilitation; probability; pyroelectric detectors; wireless sensor networks; pace monitoring; gait monitoring; binary PIR sensors; rehabilitation treadmill; injured persons; stroke patients; injury athletes; physical therapy; inexpensive nonintrusive wireless binary sensor system; pace estimation; lower-extreme gait recognition; data throughput; energy efficiency; asymmetric periodic movement; autocorrelation function; temporal correlation features; marginal density features; intersection probability; spatial correlation features; binary data steam; walking; running; Sensor systems; Legged locomotion; Correlation; Estimation; Feature extraction; Thermal sensors; Gait; Humans; Monitoring, Ambulatory; Rehabilitation; Running; Walking (1)
    Face, Face detection, Correlation, Histograms, Internet of Things, Cameras, Detectors (1)
    Legged locomotion, Vectors, Computers, Support vector machines, Accuracy, Biomedical measurement, Diseases (1)
    Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF), Bayesian inference, Model Determination, Ground-truth bases (1)
    Sensors, Target tracking, Databases, Wireless sensor networks, Calibration, Multi-agent systems, Context (1)
    Target tracking, Calibration, Encoding, Silicon, Message passing, Sensor systems (1)
    Target tracking, Encoding, Decoding, Sensors, Extraterrestrial measurements, Joints, Geometry (1)
    Target tracking, Parity check codes, Geometry, Encoding, Compressed sensing, Sensor systems (1)