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      angular measurement; displacement measurement; infrared detectors; lenses; pyroelectric detectors; sensor arrays; target tracking; video surveillance; wireless sensor networks; distributed multiple human tracking; binary pyroelectric infrared sensor; wireless sensor network; infrared video sensor; coded Fresnel lens array; angular displacement; thermal target; distributed multiple target tracking scheme; joint probabilistic association; consensus filtering; distributed sensor node; Target tracking; Joints; Humans; Probabilistic logic; Wireless communication; Wireless sensor networks; Joint probabilistic association; distributed consensus filter; binary pyroelectric sensor [1]
      assisted living; emergency management; geriatrics; human-robot interaction; mobile computing; sensors; service robots; telerobotics; robot-assisted intelligent emergency system; individual elderly independent living; aging population; counter-emergency system; video communication; smart connected real-time voice communication; tele-controlled corobot system; counter-emergency solution; elder adults; personal emergency assistant tele-robotics guard system; pervasive emergency intelligence; robot awareness module; wearable emergency analysis module; remote control module; health condition; mobile devices; smart connected tele-robotics guard system; vocal help request; wearable sensors; emergency situations; conversation capability; senior home facility; Robots; Decision support systems; Component architectures; Conferences; Biomedical monitoring; Monitoring; Software [1]
      biomedical equipment; biomedical optical imaging; feature extraction; gait analysis; infrared detectors; injuries; medical disorders; patient monitoring; patient rehabilitation; probability; pyroelectric detectors; wireless sensor networks; pace monitoring; gait monitoring; binary PIR sensors; rehabilitation treadmill; injured persons; stroke patients; injury athletes; physical therapy; inexpensive nonintrusive wireless binary sensor system; pace estimation; lower-extreme gait recognition; data throughput; energy efficiency; asymmetric periodic movement; autocorrelation function; temporal correlation features; marginal density features; intersection probability; spatial correlation features; binary data steam; walking; running; Sensor systems; Legged locomotion; Correlation; Estimation; Feature extraction; Thermal sensors; Gait; Humans; Monitoring, Ambulatory; Rehabilitation; Running; Walking [1]
      Face, Face detection, Correlation, Histograms, Internet of Things, Cameras, Detectors [1]
      Legged locomotion, Vectors, Computers, Support vector machines, Accuracy, Biomedical measurement, Diseases [1]
      Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF), Bayesian inference, Model Determination, Ground-truth bases [1]
      Sensors, Target tracking, Databases, Wireless sensor networks, Calibration, Multi-agent systems, Context [1]
      Target tracking, Calibration, Encoding, Silicon, Message passing, Sensor systems [1]
      Target tracking, Encoding, Decoding, Sensors, Extraterrestrial measurements, Joints, Geometry [1]
      Target tracking, Parity check codes, Geometry, Encoding, Compressed sensing, Sensor systems [1]