Dr. Zhang is a Professor of Environmental Science and Environmental Chemistry at the University of Houston-Clear Lake where he is also the Program Chair of the Environmental Science Program. Dr. Zhang's General Research Interests include Environmental sampling and analysis; Environmental chemistry; Environmental remediation; Fate, transport, and remediation of organic chemicals and heavy metals in soil, groundwater, and sediment. Some past and on-going research projects include: Sustainable remediation; Analysis of emerging contaminants (endocrine disrupting chemicals; bromate); Biodegradation of surfactants, explosives chemicals, pharmaceutical and endocrine disrupting compounds; Sorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, explosives and endocrine disrupting compounds in soil and sediment; Effects of surfactants on air-water partition of chlorinated solvents; Zero-valent iron for the remediation of chromium contaminated soil and sediment.

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