Digitized Theses and Dissertations (1974 - 2015)

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About UHCL Libraries Digitized Theses & Dissertations

In the summer of 2023, UHCL Libraries began a project to digitize all theses, dissertations, and graduate projects completed prior to the fall semester of 2015, when such material was submitted digitally and published directly into the Institutional Repository. The goal of this undertaking was to make all such scholarship at UHCL more accessible to the authors and others desiring to view the content.

Earlier theses and projects may vary in terms of front matter, page numbering, and overall consistency of format. We have made every effort to produce the highest quality of scans possible.

Supplementary material relating to projects in different mediums or special formats are currently available by request through UHCL Archives.

Requests for withdrawing works must be submitted through the online Takedown Request Form. Any other questions about this project may be directed to scholcomm@uhcl.edu.